How To Design An Inviting Office


Working full time hours could mean that you spend 40+ hours in the office. 40 hours a week, in 1 environment, for 8 or more hours is a long period of time to be in just one space. The space needs to be comfortable and inviting, therefore making workers want to return and work hard.

The setting and surrounds play a part into the mindset and performance of an office team. Consider any areas of the office that could benefit with a new look or different arrangement to create the inviting and captivating space.  

Light the office

Working in a dull office space is enough to bring down your mood and you’ll want to make a swift exit. Providing the right lighting for an office is essential as it will help keep focus, keep the environment bright and most importantly make the space easy to work in.

Bright lights that bring little glare will do just the job.

Seating areas

A comfortable seating area is enough to make anyone relax, so why can’t they be part of a work place too?

Comfortable seating and sofas are a great way to hold meetings with customers and to encourage staff members to integrate with one another. The offering of designated seating invites the office to enjoy break time, unwind & rest the mind.

Consider your colour palette

Believe it or not, the colour of your office walls and furniture can make a difference to the overall feel of the space. Furthermore, certain colours provoke a range of emotions and mindsets – so it makes perfect sense to pick your office colours wisely.

Here are some examples of how colours can help your space;

Blue – Intellectual colour

Red – Physical colour

Yellow – Creative colour

Storage options

Walking into an unorganised office space is off putting and certainly doesn’t look professional.

Offering plenty of storage space and drawers encourage desk accessories, books and pens to be tidied away at the end of the day & reduces the amount of clutter out during the busy working day.