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Lead-Line Cabinets Criteria for The Best Radioactive Protection

It is possible to store radioactive items in our lead cabinets in various ways to ensure their safety and proper organization. There are various sources of radiation, from medical devices to industrial processes.

We provide a wide range of standard and custom drawer and combination storage systems to meet various storage and radiation protection requirements.

A Radiation Protection Advisor should be hired as soon as possible. To provide a safe level of radiation shielding, they will be able to analyze the radiological protection requirements of certain materials and prescribe suitable precautions.

Our Lead-Lined Cabinet Characteristics

To discuss your specific lead-lined cabinet requirements, please contact us. Below, you’ll find some helpful information on some of our most popular features.

Radiation shielding criteria for our cabinets:

  • The lead shielding is totally encased inside the steel, so there is no lead exposure.
  • There are standard lead shielding thicknesses to choose from.
  • Lead-glass observation windows and cord storage are available options.
  • Locking cabinet doors with label card slots
  • A weight capacity of up to 680 kg is possible.
  • It’s easy to move cabinets using a pallet jack.
  • Earthquake anchor brackets are pre-installed.
  • With a powder coating, you get a durable finish.
  • Stainless steel is used for the tops.
  • Whether used alone or with other lead-lined or conventional cabinets, this cabinet is versatile.
  • Storage of x-ray heads for use in small-scale industrial x-ray operations (NDTs).

Only if the thickness of the shielding material is adequate may other materials be utilized for radiation shielding. Because of its unique properties, lead is one of the most sought-after and reliable shielding materials. It’s important to evaluate a variety of aspects, including how quickly heat dissipates, how resistant it is to radiation damage, how much it weighs, and how thick it has to be in order to meet the shielding requirements.

A 41mm Lead Shield Test Facility Is Available

Our customer often requested a test instrument that was simple to use, safe to use, and rapid to provide results. Sliding covers would have eliminated the need for energy if the cover had been hinged.

A 41-millimeter layer of lead covers every surface, including the lid.

A sliding cover that opened and closed easily was used to meet the client’s desire for a totally opening lid for ease of access.

As a result, we may design a lead-lined cabinet that meets their specific requirements, whether they be medical or otherwise.

Final Thoughts

There are cabinets that may be ordered with lead glass inspection panes and cable mazes that can be customized. The safest way to store radioactive isotopes and other radioactive materials is in a cabinet coated with lead.

So, what can we do to assist you? You may reach us by phone or by email to discuss your needs.