Tradeshow FAQ’s


Attending events comes with many questions and queries to ensure the day runs smoothly & to educate yourself. As UK exhibition stand manufacturers the exhibition conversations happen daily, as we speak to experienced and first-time exhibitors.

Our most frequently asked questions have been listed below, with the hope to help and advise as you’re getting ready for your upcoming events.

How much will your stand cost?

It’s a regularly asked questions, and one that doesn’t have a straight answer as it depends on many variables. How big is your stand? Which printed accessories would you like? And most importantly, what budget are you working with?

Generally speaking, the costs range from £400-£3000. There are times when it can be significantly more, but it’s important to know that more cost effective options are available.

How long should I leave myself to organise an event?

The answer can change based on experience and if you’ve been to an event before. But on average, looking at your tradeshow requirements 6-8 weeks before should leave you in good stead for planning and receiving deliveries.

Do remember that bespoke or hire stands could take long.

How many staff members are needed on the day?

If you have a smaller space 2-3 people will suffice, but if you have a larger space, you could be in the region of 5-8 people.

When planning your exhibition stand and looking at staff, provide each member with a certain job, making sure a different aspect of the tradeshow stand & running of the day is covered. Scheduling the right amount of people will ensure the best customer service can be offered.

What is the best type of exhibition stand?

From Pop Ups to Modular and everything in between, the exhibition stand market has a lot to offer. Pop ups are easy to use, look great and can be transported easily. Modular stands are reconfigurable, slimline and simple to assemble.

To choose the right stand for you, look at how many events you’ll be attending, the stand size you normally have and the most important aspect of a stand. Laying these answers out will prove useful when choosing your exhibition stand.